Table of Contents


Catacomb Kids OST

Music and sound design for Catacomb Kids by FourbitFriday. It's a collaboration with Doseone.

TIGLOST: The Indie Game Legend Soundtrack

My very first game soundtrack release, tailored specially for The Indie Game Legend by Phubans.

Corpus Callosum

This was my band for a long time. There were 7 or perhaps many more of us, and we wrote sad songs on anything we could pretend was an instrument.

There's all kinds of random stuff on my Bandcamp page.


Tale of the Stolen Rainbow

An island-themed miniature puzzle-adventure.

This has been in the works since 2007 but I haven't gotten around to finishing it yet.

Someone in Particular

In this game you must try to discover the identities of people and their relationships. But people can be taciturn, and clues are scant; you will have to look elsewhere to get the whole picture...

This is a Sharecart1000 game made for Teacart 1k. It is a companion to Adrift.


A game where you are a bee and you have to shoot bees.It's garbage and I made it in a day.


An audio DSP library/platform. It mimics the functionality of Max/MSP, CSound, SuperCollider, and other audio programming software applications, but was designed from the beginning as a library. This should make it suitable for embedding in games and other applications.

It's not ready for publishing yet, but I will put it online with a liberal license once it is.

A library for playing and manipulating music in games and interactive applications.

It loads tracked music files (MOD, XM, IT, etc.) and can signal your program when certain music events occur. Conversely, your program can manipulate the song as it plays — change tempo, mixing, and so on.

Additionally, I created a tool for compressing Impulse Tracker (IT) mods with Ogg Vorbis. Modipulate supports files with this format.

Haberdasher's Delight

Unfinished Undectet

A short series of animations, each invented in about a day. It's "unfinished" because there are 8 and not 11 in total.